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Many people at this time are curious as to whether or not they have had a past life.


Many people at this time are curious as to whether or not they have had a past life. The idea of having lived a past life is becoming more acceptable and no longer the taboo subject that it used to be. More and more people are coming through to me here to experience this amazing technique and access a past life which in many cases is life changing.
If you were to consider how many lives you may have lived in the past most people would say maybe a couple or half a dozen, but the truth is that nearly everyone has had well over a hundred.
It is also a highly effective way of clearing an issue, either physical or emotional which may have had it’s roots in a past life. This could be a stubborn problem that just will not go away and even the medical profession can find no reason for it to be there.

It can also be used as a gateway to the higher realms where you can exist for a while in the peace and love of that wonderful place and bring back to the here and now those same feelings which will remain with you in your current life helping to release much stress and anxiety. You can also access in that realm wisdom and knowledge that will help you understand your current life and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any more questions regarding past life regression please contact me and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

A past life regression session is just £45 and can last up to an hour and a half sometimes more, so allow yourself a window of two hours. You are most welcome to bring a partner or friend for support if you felt that would help.

If you wanted to continue your journey from the final stages of the past life into the higher realms this would be included as part of the past life regression session at no extra cost.

I am available for sessions both weekdays and week ends and also happy to include evenings if that would be more suitable for you.

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