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The Higher Realms

Hi, my name is Keith and I first qualified as a hypnotherapist almost ten years ago and during that time I have found myself working ever more closely with, what many people call the ‘Higher Realms.’ Now, there are some people who think of themselves as ‘down to earth’ or ‘living in the real world’, including many hypnotherapists who would never venture or go anywhere near anything with a spiritual nature. Never the less, over this past decade the Higher Realms including the Angelic Realms, Galactic Realms, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides have become more and more involved in my therapy work.

I know some of you reading this may feel it’s not really what you had in mind and would rather find a hypnotherapist who works in a more traditional style, but I know there are equally many who read this who have an open mind and feel drawn to experiencing new things.


 When the soul leaves it’s physical human body at the time of passing, it journeys to the higher realms

So, What Do I Mean By The ‘Higher Realms’?

Most of us were brought up to believe that we begin our existence at the moment of our conception or birth, but it is becoming more widely accepted that the part of us known as the soul has been around for eons of time experiencing many many lives.

When the soul leaves it’s physical human body at the time of passing, it journeys to the higher realms and resides there until it’s time to return to the earth plane for another earth experience. It is this realm and the spiritual beings that dwell there, that we connect with during the therapy work.

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So, How Is This Connection Made?

During hypnotherapy we make a connection to the unconscious part of our mind and once this connection is made we are able to access past memories from both your current life and previous lives on the earth plane and beyond. We invite the Higher Realms to help guide you and take you within to where you need to go for healing or to release old negative energies which are preventing you from moving forward. It is my experience that whatever the issue the Angels and Spirit Guides will be with you during the session to help you make the changes you want to make in your life.



Very often, while in this deep state, the Angels will make themselves known and many people see them or can sense their presence and feel them around them. They speak to you telepathically, explaining how they have helped you with a particular issue and they bring with them a wonderful peace which remains with people long after the session. Sometimes the Angels may take you on a journey to a place of healing, a mountain, a lake. Some have been taken for healing to a sacred stone circle in the Higher Realms.


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