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Quit Smoking. Professional hypnosis session can be downloaded just minutes after purchase.
Quit smoking North Shields


You may be one of thousands of people who have made the decision to stop smoking but are finding it increasingly more difficult and nothing you have tried so far has really worked.
Some people can quit smoking using the nicotine patches but for others they have little or no effect and those cravings are still there as strong as ever. Whatever you have tried to help you give up smoking, whether it be artificial cigarettes, patches, chewing gum, or plain old willpower, none of these have worked for you and you find yourself again searching for something that will once and for all stop you smoking.

Stop smoking in the Northeast.

For many years now I have been using a combination of Hypnotherapy and EFT Therapy to successfully stop clients from smoking. The two therapies working closely together to achieve amazing long term results in over 90% of all my stop smoking clients. One of the reasons I believe that I have such a good success rate is that each and every person who wants to quit smoking is different and I tailor the programme to individual needs and circumstances.

The EFT Therapy which you may have seen on the TV which uses a tapping technique has only been around in this country for about 15 years, but it can quickly reduce the intensity of cravings down to a zero in no time at all and the Hypnotherapy, through positive suggestion, creates new cognitive thoughts eliminating the desire to smoke cigarettes.

So, if you know that now is the right time to quit smoking and you no longer want smoking to be a part of your life then contacting me to book yourself onto the programme could be the best thing you have done in a long while.

In trials, hypnosis was discovered to be the most effective method of stopping smoking.

The Stop Smoking Programme runs over two sessions, the second session normally held three to four days apart. The first session, depending on your own circumstances and requirements can last up too two hours. The second session normally lasts around one hour. The cost of the two sessions is just £75. In only one week from now you could be saying to everyone “smoking is something I used to do”

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For further details and to book your stop smoking sessions please contact:

Telephone: 0191 257 5527

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